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The future of vehicle leasing. Here at moovon we have decided that things should be different. That compromise should not always have to be found. That contracts should not always have to bind. That car ownership should not have to be stressful. This is no more relevant than in the last 12 months with the level of personal and business uncertainty that we’ve all been feeling.

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What next?

Simply select your budget, package and vehicle preference. We will deliver the car to your door and the best bit… if you want to moovon up, over or even out we offer two free vehicle changes a year and no questions asked cancellation with only 30 days’ notice. Oh and don’t get too hung up on your credit, let’s have a chat and I’m sure we can work something out.

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What's Included?

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Keep, swap or cancel your vehicle you choose. Want a convertible in the summer and the 4x4 for the winter – moovon to moovon

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New car

We offer a full range of vehicles from all the major brands. VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Tesla, Peugeot and more!

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You can either insure the vehicle yourself or we work with a range of companies and can help you source a policy that works for you.

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No concerns for maintaining the vehicle or any scuff or scrapes just a simple small monthly payment. We call it ‘Bubblewrap.’

Our fleet

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Small vehicles

Small, but perfectly formed. The urban run around for that shopping mission, visit to a friend or business meeting.


Medium vehicles

The allrounder. Whether going away for the weekend or popping to the shops these cars can accommodate.


Large vehicles

Perfect for that weekend away with family & friends or taking to the road for a sales mission. Space for people and luggage, why not splash out for some more space.

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Electric vehicles

Embrace the future with one of our range of electric vehicles. All new and with ranges of 180 miles or more these offer the perfect environmentally friend solution for your trip.

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The load luggers. The urgent delivery, moving house, an Ikea run or just need to pile in the bikes for the weekend these will have all the space you need!

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Why use moovon for business?

New companies, fast growing, challenging times, evolving workforce, probation period, seasonal demand. Moovon offers a new approach to business leasing allowing you to be in full control of your fleet and your costs.

New staff

A new sales person joining the team, but you don’t want to be stuck with another pool car if things don’t work out – moovon to moovon

New contracts

A new contract that means access to a number of vehicles quickly – moovon to moovon

New company

A new company looking for vehicles without trading history – moovon to moovon

Try electric

You want to try running electric vehicles, but are concerned they won’t work for your business – moovon to moovon

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About us

Let’s just say we’ve been doing this a while, selling cars, buying cars, hiring car, leasing cars, driving cars & chatting cars all with a focus on what you the customer wants. We feel strongly that the industry is in need of a shake up with the focus on the customer, individual or business, taking centre stage. We want to give you a flexible, simple and clear path to getting on the open road.

With the expertise we have and the width of businesses we are in, we are placed well to offer this genuinely different and truly flexible product. Let us help you moovon to moovon and experience the freedom it offers in this fast changing world.