Moovon is creating an alternative to car ownership. We are committed to helping the environment through reducing numbers of cars on the road whilst maintaining the freedom and joy of driving. Compromise free, from 1 hour to 1 year, driving change.

Electric Vehicle

Looking for something short term?

Moovon Car Club

Need a car or van from 1 hour to 10 days? Our cars are in some of the UK's best locations and can be accessed through one of our partners apps.

No hassle, no stress. Simply download the app enter your details select your car and off you go! No hard sell and cars where you want them.

Car motion

Looking for something long term?

Moovon Car Subscription

From 1 month to 1 year, contract free, compromise free and designed to get you moving. The fun part is you can change it up!

You want the family car for a camping trip, the convertible for the summer and the 4x4 for the winter, you can do that! You just can’t make you mind up, why bother!? Just pick your budget and your style of car and we will get you started.

The vehicle will be delivered to your door, clean and new (or very nearly new) job done!

Sign up today

for £5 off your first trip with our Car Club and 10% off our monthly Car Subscription

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Are you a business?

New companies, fast growing companies, challenging times, evolving workforce, probation period, seasonal demand. Moovon offers a new approach to business leasing allowing you to be in full control of your fleet and your costs.